Electronic and Rock

Various Electronic and Rock songs

Composed, performed, and recorded by Dave Gedosh, mixed by Dave Gedosh and Cory Barr.  Jennifer Hopper, Vocals.  Published by DSM Producers, New York NY

From the Independent Film Second To Die (2002), Electronica.

Dead and Dreaming, Ambient Metal 

Dead and Dreaming was a collaborative project between Dave Gedosh and Abbey Autry.   I'll Save You and Disease #3 are from a larger intermedia work for video, live performance, and multi-channel (8) audio.  Composed and performed for the Ghostly Presences concert at the Center for Experiemental Music and Intermedia (CEMI), Meryl Ellis Intermedia Theater, Oct 30th 2006.  Music by Dave Gedosh and Abbey Autry, Video by Dave Gedosh.  Filth was originally composed and mixed several years earlier with musician Cory Barr, Marlon Carbone on bass guitar.  The vocals, written by Abbey Autry, were added in 2006.

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