Guitar Constructions

Guitar Constructions is an ongoing project consisting of five electroacoustic pieces, each of which stands metaphorically for the popular guitar-based genres I grew up performing, including Rock, Heavy Metal, and Progressive Rock, making a metaphoric or literal use of the idea of ‘construction.’  Four of these pieces are fixed media acousmatic works, the fifth is for live electric guitar and fixed media.  The audio materials for this project range from the sound of the guitar, amps and equipment, woodworking machinery, heavy construction machinery, liquid and steam, prepared acoustic guitar, changing strings, and ambient sounds, requiring studio and location recording.  The formal structures are metaphorically reflective of the genres.  Processing was primarily done using software I created in Max/MSP, including programming for the generation of stochastic material from prerecorded sound files, an 8-channel panning system, several envelope-based processors, and granular synthesis.  Guitar Constructions #1, #2, and #3 have been widely programmed at national and international festivals and conferences.  Guitar Construction #2 was a finalist in the Ars Electronica Forum Wallis international competition 2016.  Guitar Construction #3 received the distinction of "highly regarded" in the Ars Electronica Forum Wallis international competition 2018.  Guitar Construction #4 is finished, and Guitar Construction #5 is currently in progress.  The project is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2019.  Stereo and multi-channel versions of Guitar Constructions will be released digitally.

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