Intermedia Artwork

Video and Electroacoustic Music

Systasis represents a philosophical inquiry.  Our understanding of reality is bound to the interface through which we create the meaning of that reality.  What is the cost to our understanding due to that interface?  What is that reality devoid of our ability to structurate meaning?  These are questions that inspired the conceptual framework of this piece.  Through fluidity and structure this work attempts to approach these questions.  Systasis was awarded Finalist in the 1st annual international Fresh Minds Festival Competition 2012, at Texas A&M.

Live Performance and Electroacoustic Music

Augeries Score

To see a world in a grain of sand

And a heaven in a wild flower.

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour.

William Blake


            Inspired by William Blake’s poem Augeries of Innocence, the piece is an exploration of timbre and texture.  Augeries captures the qualitative aspects of Blake’s prose by presenting the listener with an equally aperspectival aesthetic experience.  Small-scale structure reflected on the large-scale form - the infusion of vastness and expansiveness into the fragile and minute, metonymic relationships between the tape and live performance, stasis, dilation of time, and structural multiplicity are incorporated to create an aesthetic experience that is designed to explore the notion of ‘musical time’, and to bring to the listener the sense of time-freedom.

Dance and Electroacoustic Music

Terrible Angels is collaborative piece, for dance with electroacoustic music, with choreographer Sarah Gamblin.  The piece was inspired by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and was performed at the Dance Makers Concert series at Texas Women's University.


Choreography:  Sarah Gamblin

Dancers;  Christina Chelette, Elisa De La Rose,  La'Hunter, Christie Nelson, Allison Runchy, Brooke Schleete, Stephanie Willing, Megan Yankee. 

Music:  Dave Gedosh

Dead and Dreaming.  Intermedia Performance; Video, Multi-channel Audio, and Live Performance

Dead and Dreaming was a collaborative project between Dave Gedosh and Abbey Autry.   I'll Save You and Disease #3 are from a larger intermedia work for video, live performance, and multi-channel (8) audio.  Composed and performed for the Ghostly Presences concert at the Center for Experiemental Music and Intermedia (CEMI), Meryl Ellis Intermedia Theater, Oct 30th 2006.  Music by Dave Gedosh and Abbey Autry, Video by Dave Gedosh.  Filth was originally composed and mixed several years earlier with musician Cory Barr, Marlon Carbone on bass guitar.  The vocals, written by Abbey Autry, were added in 2006.

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