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Recording / Mixing / Post-Production

Providing a wide range of high-quality music and audio production services to suit your project requirements.


Recording, Editing, Mixing, Sound Restoration, Drum Replacement, Mastering, 3-D and Multi-channel Mixing.

Contact me for more information.

Digital Audio Workstations

Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper, Digital Performer


Creative Tools

Waves, Izotope, Steven Slate, Digidesign, Absynth, Omnisphere, Kontakt, East West, Vienna Symphony Library, 2CAudio, Sonic Charge, SoundMorph, Tonstrum, Glitch Machines, SoundToys, MetaSynth, Max/MSP


Digidesign, Apogee, Genelec, JBL, Neve, Oram, Universal Audio, Earthworks, AKG, Fractal Audio, and more

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