About The Lessons 

Lessons are available in Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Composition / Songwriting, Music Theory, and Music Technology, and are tailored to each student's goals and desired outcomes. Whether you aspire to be a professional music or just want to learn to play for fun, learning from an experienced musician makes a world of difference. Lesson plans are developed to find the right approach for you to reach your goals. Lessons are continually updated and modified to assure your success.


Different areas of music are often combined in music lessons. For example, learning music theory is one of many aspects of learning to play music, and understanding song form is an element of learning to play songs. Some topics are integrated in learning to play an instrument bu can also be the focus lessons in order to go deeper into those topics, e.g., Music Technology, Composition, Theory, and Songwriting.


Music technology is an important aspect of music today. It applies to learning an instrument, performance, recording, songwriting, and composition. For those students who wish to learn primarily about music technology, I suggest focusing on that area – given the depth and complexity. 


Guitar and Bass lessons are available in half-hour and hour sessions. Music Technology, Music Composition, and Songwriting lessons are available in hour sessions. 


My Teaching Philosophy 

As a proponent of active and integrative learning my teaching philosophy begins with the personal belief that every human is creative, and that creativity is the most fundamental expression of human consciousness. Creativity is a process. Play is Creativity in progress.  


What that means is:  

      I use different approaches, techniques, and technology to accommodate different learning styles. 

      I believe you are creative, artistic, and can be successful, and that the process should be fun.  

In-person lessons are taught at Ben Jones Music, 220 Towson Ave, Fort Smith AR.  Visit Ben Jones Music here.  


Contact me here for scheduling and any questions.

Lesson Rates 


Monthly Rates (discounted rate)

      $75 a month for regularly scheduled weekly half hour lessons             

      $150 a month for regularly scheduled weekly full hour lessons 

Single Lesson Rates (cash or check only)

      $25 a lesson for non-regularly scheduled half hour lessons

      $50 a lesson for non-regularly scheduled full hour lessons

Payment Methods 

      Check, Cash, PayPal (below) 

      Other Methods (coming soon): Credit Card, Venmo 

Pay here using PayPal for monthly regularly scheduled lessons
Monthly Half Hour $75
Monthly Full Hour $150

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