As a professional musician, composer, educator, and music technologist, Dave has helped hundreds of musicians achieve their artistic aspirations.   Click here to see what his students are saying.

"I learn so much from this man in my college years. I refer to him as a 2,000 year old wizard because he is filled with that much audio knowledge."

-Alex Coleman

Guitarist, Horse Thief, OKC

Horse Thief

Instruction in...


Teaching Philosophy



Ability Levels: 

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Pop, Rock, Blues, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Ambient, Finger-style

Songwriting/ Composition


Pop, Rock, Electronic, Film Music, Experimental, Music Theory

Music Technology


Recording and Mixing Techniques, MIDI Sequencing, Sound Design, Scoring for Media, Computer Music and Interactive Music


Software: Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Reaper, Digital Performer, Max/MSP

30 min lesson:  $30

1 hour lesson:   $50

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Dave's goal as a teacher in the creative arts is to help you understand and engage the creative process and to help you reach your unique artistic voice. All people are creative by nature. Creativity is the fundamental expression of human consciousness and Play is the primary mode through which creativity is actively engaged.  Creativity is a process. Play is creativity in progress. Learning and engaging the creative process in any way has value in every aspect of life well beyond the Arts.


What his students are saying

Guitar Excerpts

"Dave’s passion and interest for music are obvious through not only his teaching but his pursuit of the craft outside of the classroom. In classes he is not only teaching theory but practical application and giving students insight that is vital to those planning on sticking around for the long-haul in the industry."

-Evan Crowley

Artist & Producer, Austin TX

As a former student of Dave’s I can attest that his knowledge of music and ability to inspire, educate and create are second to none.

-Whit Daniels

Drummer, The Costanzas, Norman OK

"Every class that he taught inspired me to not only do the work that was assigned, but to go above and beyond because I wanted to impress the professor I respected most. Dave’s Film Scoring class was the catalyst for my love of audio post production, and I still use the lessons and insight he gave us to this day. Without David Gedosh, I truly believe that I would not have found myself in a career that I love so much."

-Ian McElwain
Sound Editor, Winnercomm Inc

"Dave is a deep well, his time and knowledge are worth every penny spent. Whether it’s music theory, recording and music production, or insight into esoteric aspects of music such as 20th century harmony or electroacoustic art music. He’s got you covered."

-Mike Ritchie

Guitarist, Norman OK

Mike Ritchie Guitar

"Dave's instruction offered me motivating and challenging assignments that allowed me to explore and enhance my abilities as an engineer. His hands-on approach and ability to convey information in an easily understood manner created an exceptional learning experience. He is eager to share his knowledge, and does so with excellence."

-Kyle MF Clark
Audio Engineer
Vocalist, Horde Casket, OKC
Guitar Center management

Horde Casket

Fives, Guthrie Govan

Ciro Manna Dorian Etude

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Glasgow Kiss, end solo, John Petrucci

Eternal Blues cover.  Jess Lewis.

Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 Guitar Cover

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